Hear What Our Members Say

I’ve learned a lot from the professional speakers and the members. The QRLA connects landlords so we can learn from each other, very valuable education, and builds great relationship in the community.”

Al Koudsi

The seminars and webinars are excellent, professional, and provide very useful education. The guidance and resources have always been so helpful and appreciated. We’re very fortunate to have the QRLA.

Jim & daughter Christine

I’m so glad that I’m a member, what a wonderful group of people! The education, tools and resources have really protected us from unscrupulous tenants looking to take advantage of the system and hurt small landlords.”

Julia Z.

I strongly supporting the QRLA, it is the best organization I’ve ever joined. They do an amazing job and all their hard work is greatly appreciated.

Nicole Lewis

This group is beneficial to landlords of all sizes. Bringing landlords together helps us share knowledge, experience, and we all learn from each other.

Anne Sousa

The QRLA is a tremendous resource, even to seasoned landlords with decades of experience. Every landlord should join.

Bob Morton

We’re so glad that there’s a local support group like this. We love the events, meeting other landlords, and the constant education that gets sent out. It’s an awesome group!

Kailey &Taylor Murphy

The QRLA’s advocacy efforts gets our message heard by government. Getting a private meeting with the Housing Minister, two MPPs, and the Mayor was most impressive.

Mike P.

We narrowly avoided three fraudster tenants thanks to warnings from other members. We probably saved tens of thousands in unpaid rent and damage, and grief! That was well worth the membership fee, times ten.

Dwight & Deborah Brown

The membership fee is totally worth it for the speakers, networking, and connecting with other landlords. Being part of the QRLA reminds us how much there is to learn and keep on top of to avoid painful and costly mistakes. It’s nice knowing we are not alone and can get help and advice quickly.

Angela & Brian S

Tenant problems and unfair laws left me feeling helpless, bullied and alone. When I joined the QRLA, I suddenly had access to a positive, helpful support network, trusted experts and resources. I’ve learned so much and feel completely listened to and supported. The QRLA is always keeping me informed and armed with knowledge.This is an incredible group!

Heather Corcoran

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