QRLA Advocacy

The QRLA advocates to government on behalf of landlords, but also speaks up for the wellbeing of tenants when it comes to promoting housing and warning of rental scams. The association also works to be a positive force within the community. Here is a sample of the association’s activities.

Bill 124 Legislative Committee at Queen’s Park

QRLA representatives appeared before an all-party committee to make a submission on Bill 124 “The Rental Fairness Act.” They expressed concerns about some aspects of the bill and advised members on how small landlords would be negatively impacted. The main message was small landlords have a tough enough time and Bill 124 risked making things worse. The QRLA was part of a multi-landlord association lobbying effort which helped reduce the anticipated negative impacts of the bill.

Private Meeting with Ontario Cabinet Ministers

A QRLA delegation secured a closed-door session with Ontario cabinet Ministers to demonstrate the plight of small landlords. The delegation of approximately a dozen QRLA members met with officials including Housing Minister Steve Clark, Economic Development Minister Todd Smith, MPP Darryl Kramp, Belleville Mayor Mitch Panciuk and ministerial staffers.

Discussions with Cabinet Minister Todd Smith

During Minister Smith’s annual levee, a QRLA delegation attended and spoke to him about the concerns of small landlords. The association introduced a number of members to the Minister who were feeling unheard and ignored by the government. This provided them the opportunity to speak directly to a cabinet minister and make him aware of their difficulties at the hands of the Residential Tenancies Act and Landlord & Tenant Board. The Minister took the time to listen and discuss matters with the QRLA members.

Belleville’s Housing Summit

City council and officials listened as QRLA representatives explained the realities of being a residential landlord and the impacts of municipal regulations. It was explained that easing the regulatory burden and encouraging investment will enable landlords to bring new rental housing units to the market and help address the housing crisis.

Meeting with Todd Smith MPP

MPP Todd Smith listened to members concerns about provincial regulations and shared his party’s views on rental housing. Members had the opportunity to share their experiences and make suggestions on bringing greater fairness to the system. Mr. Smith carefully listened to the members, took notes, and agreed to explore ways to make the system work better and fairer for everyone.

Meeting with Lou Rinaldi MPP

Over 50 members had the opportunity to meet with MPP Rinaldi and express their concerns and complaints about the current state of affairs for landlords. Mr. Rinaldi took the time to listen and respond as well as explain the government’s position and goals. He committed to taking the members feedback to the Housing Minister and make sure to continue the dialogue.

Municipal Affairs

Landlords are impacted by a wide range of municipal bylaws which can cause serious harm to their rental operations. The QRLA continually monitors the changing municipal landscape and keeps communication lines open with various municipal officials. The association also attends numerous meetings and events to advocate on behalf of its members and to keep in touch with officials.

Alliance with other Landlord Associations

The QRLA works cooperatively with other landlord associations across Ontario on various advocacy initiatives. Speaking with a unified voice enables the rental housing industry to effectively stand up for and defend the rights and interests of landlords. The association is a member of the Affordable Housing Providers of Ontario (AHPO) which is an alliance of regional landlord associations. The QRLA also stays in communication with and supports the efforts of larger organizations such as FRPO and CFAA. The QRLA participates in consultation events with government and the Landlord & Tenant Board. 

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