Business Membership

Business Memberships & Sponsorships

If you are a product or service provider to the rental housing industry, QRLA membership is a way to communicate your message and connecting with landlords – your target market. We can help you…

  • Promote your product or service
  • Generate name recognition for your business
  • Build a positive reputation amongst landlords
  • Provide opportunities for “face time” with existing and new customers
  • Learn about issues affecting your customers
  • Develop new customer relationships


Membership Benefits

  • Inclusion in our service provider directory
  • Referrals from the association
  • Guest speaker or expert panelist at one of our events
  • Network with landlords during events and socials
  • Sponsorship opportunities

The cost of membership is only $150.45 + HST = $170/year.
Join now and promote your business.


The QRLA offers sponsorship opportunities for business members looking for a higher level of exposure. Becoming a sponsor shows the members that you are supporting their industry and their association.

Sponsorship opportunities include:

  • Website branding
  • E-newsletters branding
  • Webinar branding and mentions
  • Live event branding and mentions

Contact the association for details on sponsorship.

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